Gabler GmbH Co KG Maschinen

Gabler Engineering GmbH

Development and manufacture production lines for three major fields:

  • Production of high viscous masses. Mainly in Confectionery, such as chewing and bubble gum, chewy candy...
  • Manufacturing of pharmaceutical pellets like out of tablet powder, wax, clay...
  • Coating and Spraying systems for chocolate products, film coating, hard and soft sugar and sugarfree coating, suspension coating and seed coating. Both for Pharmaceutical and Food industries. Also spraying cabins for decoration of pralines or other surface and barrier spraying.

Gabler also supplies laboratory scale equipment for R+D  purposes or smaller productions.

Our manufacturing systems are not off-the-shelf solutions, but are custom-made to meet our clients' needs, while maintaining a consistent "Made in Germany" quality.

As the company now moves into the fourth generation, the blend of experience and innovation within the Gabler family continues throughout the entire team. Our passion lives on for doing what we have always done best:

Developing, designing and manufacturing complex production systems for the whole world.