Experience + Innovation = Passion

It all began in 1906 when Johann Gabler founded a company to develop industrial weaving machinery and textile machines in Basel, Switzerland.

The second generation, Willi Gabler gained experience in the field of production equipment.

After building and improving gear tools for certain years, his son, Tilo Gabler started to manufacture production lines again. This time he used the experience of WLS to make steps into the confectionery, food and pharmaceutical fields.

The accumulated knowledge is the base for today's daily work:

To design, develop and build production lines for chewing and bubble gum, chewy candy, pharmaceutical pellets, dragees and many other products.

Together with his team as well as his family, Tilo Gabler lead the Gabler GmbH+Co.KG to an excellent position in the market by reacting on customers' demands, with flexibility and the know-how accumulated along the years. With this philosophy Gabler maintains the trust from all the customers around the world.