Equipment and Production lines

Gabler produces equipment and production lines for customers in the Confectionary and Pharmaceutical field.

We are not only specialised in Extruders, Ball forming and Rolling and Scoring lines for chewing gum, but also experienced in forming all kinds of high viscous masses, such as chewy candy, toffee, bubble gum or many others.

In the pharmaceutical branch we are focused on machines for the production of pellets as automatic or manual production lines. Also our coating and spraying equipment are interesting for pharma producers, which use our systems for various applications such as film coating. 

To be flexible on the market our customers work on new innovations in the R&D fields, therefore we supply also laboratory scaled systems.

Please have also a look on our ring extruder which we produce in cooperation with Extricom.

If you are looking for any other equipment that you have not found on this page,  please contact us directly at or just give us a phone call. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you at anytime.