Extruding, Forming, Cooling, Coating and Spraying

Gabler manufactures equipment for extruding, forming, cooling, coating and spraying of confectionary products from laboratory models to automatic production lines up to 4.500 kg/h

From extruder, extruder lines to rolling and scoring lines, ball forming or coating and spraying systems, Gabler equipment are in use all over the world in the chewing gum and confectionary industry.

There is a good reason for that because the only way to meet the high standards of foodstuff industry- like the FDA's GMP requirements- is with the right engineering know-how. Other systems may require less capital investment, but it's questionable whether it will actually do what the customer needs to. 

With our machines that is not an issue, since we develop customized solutions together with the confectionary producers. We also offer advice regarding the product, in terms of planning, process preparation and recipe development.... more about our services you will find here �ffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenster