Lifting device

Lifting device for gum trolley

  • Connecting link between Mixer and Pre-Extruder
  • Gum mass from the mixer is emptied into the trolley by tilting the trough. Then the gum trolley is pushed onto the traverse of the lifting device
  • Trolley capacity 235 L
  • Lifting device is equipped with a guardian fence
Filling pump FP-150

Filling pump FP-150

  • To be adapted onto a filling extruder
  • For the center filling of liquid-centerfilled gum
  • Double jacket, electrical heated tank
  • Equipped with an additional pump to provide a permanent flow of liquid
Dust Absorbing Unit

Dust absorbing unit

  • To be adapted onto a rolling and scoring line
  • To minimize the pollution in the air due to dust

Transport and Control device TCD-60

  • Transports cutted slabs from pre-extruder to pre-cooling tunnel
  • Equipped with a metal detector
  • In case of contaminated gum slabs, the loaf is separated by means of a discharge flap

Trolley for cutting station

  • To easy transport and exchange cutting stations of the Rolling and Scoring machines
Tray Stacker System

Tray stacker system

  • to be adapted to a rolling and scoring line with manual take off
  • for the automatic stacking of plastic trays
Plastic Tray

Plastic Trays

  • ABS or Polystyrene material which meets the legal requirements for articles in contact with food
  • To load chewing gum sheets
  • Easy cleaning